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Sorry Not Sorry: 6 Habits Every #GirlBoss Needs for Living at the Top


1. Do you

Workout, have your nails done, get lots of sleep, do things that make you feel good. Properly taking care of yourself prepares you to show up fully for other people. We often treat others better than we treat ourselves, which is nice in the short run but detrimental in the long term. It’s true that you can’t share with others what you don’t give to yourself, and your best self should be your primary interest. This kind of selfishness doesn’t advocate ignoring our responsibilities or stepping on others to get ahead, it means taking care of your own human needs so that you can show up 100% for life.

2. Don’t apologize

Everything you do should be done with complete conviction. You know yourself and what you stand for, and don’t feel the need to seek approval in every activity. Because you seek to be understood, you always take the opportunity to explain your position or action if needed, but you never back track or have to apologize for what you’ve done. You’re firm in your heart and mind and trust your intuition.

3. Eat like you love yourself

Your body is your biggest ally when it comes to being incredibly successful, treating it as best as you can gives you the energy you need to head to the top. This means eating whole foods filled with the harmonious and powerful vibration of the earth, and cutting out toxic products with artificial ingredients, being conscious of how your emotions and habits play into your relationship with food. Eating pure, vibrant food nourishes your spirit and gives you the fuel you need to be your best self.

4. Don’t hate

Talking badly about, being jealous of, and judging others makes you look weak and unkind, which, ahem, probably isn’t far from the truth. It’s easy to see other people’s flaws, because as humans we have a lot of them. Seeing the goodness in others is a lot harder. Recognizing people for their strengths brings the best out in people, and helps you develop sincere and lasting relationships. Being the person that sees people in their best light gives you an immediate aura of authority. It removes petty drama from your consciousness, opening up space for higher and more productive forms of thought, like pursuing your goals and creating success.

5. Practice forgiveness

Being angry or holding a grudge only harms one person: you. Processing your emotions in regards to a painful experience is a necessary part of mature human growth. So is letting it go. Dwelling on the past or holding other people responsible for your unhappiness or mistakes that they made only detracts from your ability to release hurt and move forward. Everything we experience is a test. We can chose to suffer, or we can learn from those tests and be grateful for them. Choosing gratitude makes you soar.

6. Get comfortable being alone

Silence and alone time are critical to your personal and professional success. Being comfortable in your own presence enables you to let your inner wisdom speak and come forth. The human mind has a lot of doubt, but the human body has a lot of wisdom. Removing the distractions that come in the forms of noise and other people gives you the space to access that wisdom.

Meditation is the best way to do this, but starting out can be difficult, so doing solo activities is a good place to begin. Yoga, hiking, ocean swimming, or spending an afternoon in a new part of town are all great ways to enjoy your own company and watch your thoughts. The more time we spend in silence the more we can control our reactions to things, and create a deep and undisturbed inner peace. Developing a practice of stillness and quiet protects you from being at the effect of the ups and downs of life. It also improves your self-esteem and reduces doubt and anxiety, helping you to access the knowledge that you have the power and ability to create the life of joy that you want and deserve.

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Living in Los Angeles there are so many amazing options for dining out. Restaurants pop up every day, and who doesn’t love trying out the new Korean-French-Icelandic fusion where they tell you what you want before you even look at the menu. Unfortunately though, eating out can mean huge portions, a bloated walk back to the car and even a rough night’s sleep when it’s all over. It doesn’t have to be this way, so here are a few tips to help you enjoy your meal without feeling guilt and discomfort afterwards.

1. Start with a glass of water

When you sit down at a table drink a full glass of water.  Thirst is often confused with hunger so many times we eat more than we really want because we’re not feeling satiated. Drinking water can cut back your chance for overeating and prevent you from drinking during or after the meal, which makes it difficult for you to digest your food properly and leaves you feeling heavy and bloated.

2. Don’t let that bread touch your table

We all know warm bread is delicious and irresistible, but no need to fill up on it before a meal. Most importantly, you don’t want it hindering your ability to enjoy and finish that $17 dollar Hamachi plate, so politely decline and enjoy your main course fully.

3. Only drink water or wine

Sugary drinks, be it soda, lemonade or a Jack and coke, are a bad idea in the first place, but during a meal they are especially harmful. A very important hormone in regulating hunger and satiety is leptin- in basic terms it tells us when we’ve had enough to eat and signals our brains to tell the body to stop eating. Sugar interferes with that hormone, compromising our ability to eat moderate portions which can end in overeating and horrible guilt. Additionally, drinks should be sipped during a meal, so slowly enjoy a glass of water or a tasty red while eating.

4. Order Sides or Starters for your main dish

Generally, the portions served in restaurants are absolutely huge. Many times we tell ourselves we’ll eat half and take the rest home, but I don’t know anyone who really has that kind of self-control. Side dishes are much more reasonably sized and if you order a few as a table you can try different things. Keep in mind, ordering a side of garlic bread and mac and cheese does not count. But, a veggie plate and a salad might be nicely complimented with a small side of fries. Enjoy yourself, just don’t overindulge! Sharing a small starter and a main course with a friend is also a good way not to overdo it (and save money!)

5. Have a desert at home for yourself

If one look at the desert cart gets you salivating, having self-restraint can be difficult at the end of a meal. This is why it’s good to have a desert at home to look forward to that’s half the size and half the sugar content of that chocolate-mocha-caramel cheesecake. Personally, I love Hail Merry chocolate peppermint tarts. They are delicious and very satisfying (not to mention raw and vegan) – half of one is usually enough for one person. Find a desert that you look forward to having at home so you won’t give it up for a seductive treat on the menu. Taking time between dinner and desert also gives you time to digest and for your body to realize that you’re full, so at home you’re likely to eat less than you would have at the restaurant.

Eating out should be fun, not stressful, so use these tips and you’ll sail through the holidays with ease and keep your body trim.

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