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This Spring Let Love and Grace Wash Over You


Rejoice in abundance, the earth is pouring forward golden sunlight – and in California golden poppies – and newness and perfection abound.

This Spring, that energy of ascension is what is being offered to you.

Soak in the bounty as darkness dissolves and purity prevails. Know that everything you desire is coming right to you, and release things like resentment, sorrow, and worry that block it.

Easter, in Pagan culture, refers to the resurrection or the coming again of Christ. Jesus is a medium for Truth, for love, for what is Real. For some that medium may be nature, it may be God, it may be Buddha; whatever the medium, the message is the same: that which is Real cannot die.

On a human, daily basis, that which is Real is kindness, love, grace, and forgiveness. Easter is an opportunity to resurrect our connection to source and let love shine brightly from each and every one of us, to burn like the midday sun, and to let light pour forth from our hearts.

The resurrection represents the eternity of the radiant splendor of Truth.

Enlightenment is available to us at every moment, opportune for us to select whenever we so choose. When we choose to remember that we were sent down from the stars as an incarnation of spirit – the unifying energy that turns the fetus into the baby and the bulb into the tulip and the acorn into the oak tree – we are attune to the fact that we were put here to spread love and kindness and compassion and light at every opportunity. Simple yet profound, have faith that this is the elixir to all that ails you.

This is what Easter and Spring are offering us: the space to make right-minded decisions, to spread peace, to let our highest selves reveal themselves. Be aware of habits that do not serve you, for now is the time to act with the wisdom of our ancestors and the innocence of a dewdrop.

Move forth in good faith, and know that you are eternally blessed, loved and protected.

Photo: Manuel Barroso Parejo

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Bastille Day at Petrossian LA

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Caviar tasting with lavender mimosa

There is nothing I love more than dressing up to eat exquisite food with fascinating people. And when it’s on a Monday for caviar to celebrate Bastille Day, it really doesn’t get much better.

I am fortunate enough to be close friends with two of the savviest people on Beverly Boulevard, and the three of us enjoyed a luxuriously long lunch at the eponymous Petrossian in Beverly Hills.

Taylor King, owner of Espionage, a high-end gift and consignment store, is one of my closest college friends. She would charm the Queen and can sell couture to a nudist. Elegant and outrageous, Tay does gifts for some of the biggest names in show business including Renee Zellweger, Jesse Eisenberg, Oprah, and Demi Moore. Her store is full of handpicked trinkets from the Parisian markets, charming house goods, and gently used couture from LA’s elite.

Our host, Fabian Gallardo, is the Chef de Cuisine at Petty Cash LA. Petty Cash is one of the best restaurants in LA, and was just awarded the ‘Best New Mexican Restaurant’ award by TimeOut Los Angeles. It’s one of my favorite places for the Hamachi ceviche, fresh Kushi oysters, and octopus tacos. Insanely flavorful and meticulously curated, many of their ingredients come from their organic rooftop garden, and their meat is locally and sustainably sourced.

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Stacked rings from Espionage LA; my mother’s diamond ring

Lunch at Petrossian was a dream. After ordering prosecco and lavender mimosas, we were treated to an extensive tasting of some local and some totally rare varieties of caviar. Our favorite was the Hackleback, Ossetra, and the Kaluga. We then had the crab bisque and a caviar and butter lettuce salad, and finished with a truffle flatbread, garnished with artichoke, peppers, goat cheese and fresh arugula.

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Truffle flatbread

The service was delightful and the company was all time. These kinds of days are what make me love LA, and I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have such dynamic people to enjoy the journey with.

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 Summer wardrobe: necklaces from XIV Karats (Beverly Hills), Espionage (West Hollywood), and Crow’s Nest (Half Moon Bay); vintage belt; denim dress from H&M



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Mountain Poses // Malibu, CA


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Photos by Hazardous Taste

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Baby Steps: How to Accomplish Anything

06. baby walks doberman-l

Often times when I tell people I do nutritional consulting they launch into their wonderful plans for healthy living, but how they’ve never actually been able to make any of them happen. This issue is all too common. We all know what we need to do to be healthy – drink water, eat more greens, go to bed at a reasonable hour – but actually doing it can be so difficult! The problem is that so many of us feel that we have to wait until the right moment to get into a healthy routine. Unfortunately, when the time comes around to actually make those healthy changes we overload ourselves with way too many tasks, which sets us up for failure. We’ve got the right intentions, but no structure to support the actual achievement of those goals. The trick is focusing on one goal at a time so that eventually – typically after 30 days of consistency – the ‘healthy action’ stops feeling foreign and becomes routine. Here are some tips to turn those nice ideas into concrete healthy habits.

1. Pick one thing at a time

Choose one thing you want to change and start today. It’s much easier to implement a habit when you’re not trying to juggle multiple new things at once. Choose what you’d like to change, and plan to start today.

2. Remember your motivation

Whether it’s losing weight, sleeping better, having more energy, or improving your relationships, what motivates us is key to change. To keep in touch with your motivation, post reminders in your personal space, make a Pintrest board, or simply write down an affirmation each morning to help you stay focused.

3. Find some accountability

Giving up on something feels so much worse when you have to tell someone about it. Share your goal with a friend, partner or parent, and have them check in with you about it every so often. Knowing that someone else is (gently) keeping tabs on you gives you a much higher likelihood that you will stick to your plan. Hey, you might even inspire them to make changes of their own!

4. Get a buddy

Be the friend who inspires, and extend your good intentions out to others. Getting someone else on board creates a fun challenge for both of you. See who can cut out dairy for the longest. Start going to spin class instead of happy hour. Get up at 7 AM on a Saturday to hike Temescal. Having a partner can make it a lot more fun and can get you to go way beyond your initial expectations of yourself.

5. Do things incrementally

Unless you have the most extreme will power on the planet, trying to cut out sugar, gluten, and dairy all at the same time will be the biggest mishap of your life. Pick one thing you want to address and give yourself limits. If you’re trying to do less meat, try meatless Mondays. Then extend it to Tuesdays and so forth. If you want to cut down on sugar, commit to not eating refined sugar until 2 PM every day. Creating structure will help you know that you still have those indulgences to look forward to, but will prevent you from eating them as much as you would otherwise.

Once you tap into your capacity for healthy change, there’s no stopping you. Commit to one thing today, use these tools, and you’ll see positive shifts in all areas of your life.

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Living in Los Angeles there are so many amazing options for dining out. Restaurants pop up every day, and who doesn’t love trying out the new Korean-French-Icelandic fusion where they tell you what you want before you even look at the menu. Unfortunately though, eating out can mean huge portions, a bloated walk back to the car and even a rough night’s sleep when it’s all over. It doesn’t have to be this way, so here are a few tips to help you enjoy your meal without feeling guilt and discomfort afterwards.

1. Start with a glass of water

When you sit down at a table drink a full glass of water.  Thirst is often confused with hunger so many times we eat more than we really want because we’re not feeling satiated. Drinking water can cut back your chance for overeating and prevent you from drinking during or after the meal, which makes it difficult for you to digest your food properly and leaves you feeling heavy and bloated.

2. Don’t let that bread touch your table

We all know warm bread is delicious and irresistible, but no need to fill up on it before a meal. Most importantly, you don’t want it hindering your ability to enjoy and finish that $17 dollar Hamachi plate, so politely decline and enjoy your main course fully.

3. Only drink water or wine

Sugary drinks, be it soda, lemonade or a Jack and coke, are a bad idea in the first place, but during a meal they are especially harmful. A very important hormone in regulating hunger and satiety is leptin- in basic terms it tells us when we’ve had enough to eat and signals our brains to tell the body to stop eating. Sugar interferes with that hormone, compromising our ability to eat moderate portions which can end in overeating and horrible guilt. Additionally, drinks should be sipped during a meal, so slowly enjoy a glass of water or a tasty red while eating.

4. Order Sides or Starters for your main dish

Generally, the portions served in restaurants are absolutely huge. Many times we tell ourselves we’ll eat half and take the rest home, but I don’t know anyone who really has that kind of self-control. Side dishes are much more reasonably sized and if you order a few as a table you can try different things. Keep in mind, ordering a side of garlic bread and mac and cheese does not count. But, a veggie plate and a salad might be nicely complimented with a small side of fries. Enjoy yourself, just don’t overindulge! Sharing a small starter and a main course with a friend is also a good way not to overdo it (and save money!)

5. Have a desert at home for yourself

If one look at the desert cart gets you salivating, having self-restraint can be difficult at the end of a meal. This is why it’s good to have a desert at home to look forward to that’s half the size and half the sugar content of that chocolate-mocha-caramel cheesecake. Personally, I love Hail Merry chocolate peppermint tarts. They are delicious and very satisfying (not to mention raw and vegan) – half of one is usually enough for one person. Find a desert that you look forward to having at home so you won’t give it up for a seductive treat on the menu. Taking time between dinner and desert also gives you time to digest and for your body to realize that you’re full, so at home you’re likely to eat less than you would have at the restaurant.

Eating out should be fun, not stressful, so use these tips and you’ll sail through the holidays with ease and keep your body trim.

Juice Cleanse Basics


My dear friend Meryl and I discuss juicing and some of the common questions and concerns when it comes to doing a cleanse.