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Why Courage is Your Best Asset


Party season has officially come to a close and 2015 is open wide and full of possibility. After carefully putting away (or throwing away) our sparkly dresses, it’s time to look within to ask what held us back in the past, and decide what we really want out of this year.


While moving to a new job, saving money, or getting out of an unhealthy relationship are all good resolutions, if we don’t take care to notice the underlying reasons of why we haven’t already done them, we’re likely to end up right back in 2014. Getting what we want through lasting change requires us to look at ourselves and to be vulnerable.

Lasting change takes courage.

Courage gives you the power to get everything you want from life and more. It gives you wings to go after your dream job, to ask out the babe that always smiles at you, and to create the body that you’ve always wanted. Having courage is to act from a place of faith that enables you to leap over obstacles and know that whatever you want is available to you, and that the world is ready and willing to give it to you.

How to develop fearlessness

Fearlessness is not living without fear, it’s going towards the unknown despite your fear. The first step in developing courage is to ask yourself what it is you really want.

The reason so many people are unhappy in jobs and marriages and life in general is because they live without defined points of what they really want. In order to have a life we love, it’s critical that we ask ourselves who we want to be, what we care about, and how we’re going to be the best expressions of ourselves.

Have the courage to ask yourself why you’re afraid. What can the world do to you? What can it do for you? You have a responsibility to yourself, to your heart, to ask these questions.

What makes your heart sing? What do you admire in other people? When have you felt strongest and most confident? Start by asking yourself these questions, and courage will begin to blossom within you. After you’ve created defined points, write them down. Talk to others that you trust and value, and find openings where you can work towards what you want. Small steps create big change, so start now.

Recognize that no experience is ever in vain

Everything that happens contributes to your betterment. Know this. Calm and joyful periods exist as a gift, but it is normal in life for troubles to arise. Challenges are here to teach us, to show us who we really are, and to give us a chance to grow.

Because of this, doing something courageous and going towards the unknown will always be for the best. Even if it ends in pain or loss, it is for the best. No effort is ever wasted, and every effort contributes to your growth. You may fall, but what is adversity if not to show us just how strong we are.

Realize that nothing is ever as bad as it seems

And that everyone else is just as scared as us. Fear makes us stuck. It keeps us in unhealthy relationships and soul sucking jobs. The liberation of releasing ourselves from the circumstances that bind us to pain is more powerful than anything that fear protects us from.

Knowing what to expect creates safety, but it also protects us from the surprises that the universe has to offer. Because our experience here is a projection of our perception, using conclusions that others have made – ie having a career and a family isn’t possible, settling with a guy is better than being alone, people aren’t worthy of your trust – prevents us from creating our own perfect and unique experience.

I understand this all sounds really nice in a world where obligations and life pressures don’t exist. The key is in creating a foundation that keeps you safe no matter what you do. This lies in a healthy body and mind, a good grasp on your finances, and solid relationships.

When you create the right foundation, being courageous isn’t all that scary. Here are the measures you need to put in place to make courage the only option.

Save money

Here’s a secret – if you put money in your savings account, you can still get to it if you need it. Start building it up. Even if it’s just $50 a month, it’s something. Having a cushion to fall back on if something goes wrong will give you massive piece of mind in pursuing what you want. Start saving. It’s easy, and actually pretty fun.

Nurture your relationships

Relationships are everything. In the realm of metaphysics, we are all connected and our success depends on the success of others, and their success depends on ours. Every person you meet could be your next boss or client or mentor or best friend. That’s the beauty of being human, you never know who’s going to come into your life and in what capacity.

Networking is not about building your rolodex (or whatever app has replaced that), it’s about building a network of people that you can connect to or connect to one another at any given time. If people like you, they will do whatever they can to support you.

Be trustworthy. Be a person of your word. Help people every chance you get – whatever you give will come back to you. This is not just a nice thing your mom taught you when you were young, it’s a fact. Share whatever you have – your time, your energy, your love, your money. Generosity is the greatest treasure.

Tend to your body and mind

Being in shape is not about vanity, it’s about taking care of the one true home you have for this lifetime. Eat real food, think positive thoughts, and get active in any way you enjoy. Having a strong and stable physical form to live in will provide you with the courage and strength to whatever it takes to get what you want out of life. Additionally, cultivating discipline around your food and exercise will give you the will power to do what it takes to get whatever else you want out of life.

To be courageous is to live through the heart. It means to live in love and in trust; to forget the past and allow the future, and to discover meaning and perfection in the present. Cultivating courage is the only way to get what you want out of life. Living in courage is scary, but looking back at a life full of regrets is terrifying. Move towards your fear and you will move towards your joy. Small steps, you’ll get there.