Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.

Developing a Lasting Meditation

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We’ve all heard how beneficial meditation can be for your mind and spirit, but getting to the point where you stop feeling like a caged animal is pretty tough. Meditation, when committed to, will reduce your desires, calm your nerves, enhance your sleep, improve your relationships, and help you get closer to your truth. Here are some tips to gently build your meditation practice, without getting fed up with it.

1. Start small

Commit to three or five minutes a day. Something so small it’s impossible not to do. Don’t worry that it’s too short of a time to benefit, right now it’s about getting comfortable being in silence with your breath.

2. Focus on the point between your eyebrows

When you focus here it prevents your mind from wandering all over the place. When you feel distracting thoughts come in, refocus here, and you can even gently press on it to physically feel where it is. It will help release anything that’s taking your attention away from your breath.

3. Have a mantra

A mantra helps your spiritual awakening to blossom and works to clear mental obstacles to enlightenment. You can have a mantra in English or in Sanskrit. Sanskrit was created to deeply penetrate the levels of consciousness and helps still the chaotic mind. It’s very high vibrational. You can also use an English mantra if you feel you connect with the words more genuinely. Something simple, such as ‘my heart is open, my mind is clear,’ or ‘I am love, I am light, I am joy.’ Whatever words help you feel calm and happy. Over time, your connection to the words will grow, so don’t worry if it feels a bit strange for now. In Sanskrit, you can chant ‘Om,’, ‘So hum,’ ‘Om namah shivaya,’ or look up devotional chants that speak to you personally online.

4. Do it in the same place

Finding a good location where you can practice quietly creates a high vibration in that spot, and over time gives you a sense of peace when you come to that place. If you can find a location that points East that’s an extra bonus. Using the same spot also trains your mind so that when it’s time to meditate you know right where to go and you build a ritual. This will help you sink deeper into meditation each time you return to that place, as your body and mind begin to know what to expect.

5. Know that every effort made is always valuable

Everyone says they can’t meditate, but starting out, no one can meditate. This is no excuse not to do it. Our minds are bouncing off the walls all the time, so making the effort to be calm through meditation is extremely advanced just in itself. Don’t get frustrated, simply work on gently bringing your focus back to your breath and mantra, and over time you will get better and better. It’s a personal practice that’s all about making a positive effort for your own growth, and every effort devoted to it will enhance your practice.

Your thoughts are like birds flying overhead. It’s up to you whether or not you let them make a nest in your hair. Commit to creating your own meditation practice and you’ll begin to feel the blessings flooding in.


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