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Why Taking Hydration Seriously Will Change Everything

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Is your skin glowing? Are your thoughts clear? Is your energy abundant? If not, you may not be adequately hydrated.
For some reason or another, proper hydration is heavily overlooked by many of us when it comes to having a healthy routine. Poor hydration accounts for a large number of basic ailments that we tend to accept as part of daily life. This includes, but is not limited to, headaches, acne, brain fog, cravings, dark circles under your eyes, and improper digestion.

Healthy hydration is a critical part of a vibrant and energetic existence. Some benefits of being properly hydrated are:

1. Improved mental clarity

At only 1-2% dehydration we experience a noticeable drop in focus, mental clarity, mood, and ability to concentrate. Headaches are a sign of dehydration, so adequate hydration also reduces the need for your afternoon coffee and/or ibuprofen dose.

2. More effective weight loss

Not only does drinking water accelerate your metabolism, it helps reduce food cravings and stabilizes your hunger. Drinking water 20 minutes before a meal will help you eat less. Adequate hydration is critical in escorting toxins out of the system that would otherwise turn into fat cells. By improving your mental clarity, it aids in making wise and healthy food choices throughout the day.

3. Increased athletic performance and endurance

Staying hydrated is the number one way your body cools itself, which is critical for physical stamina, since the dehydration that occurs in only 45 minutes of activity can reduce your athletic performance by 30%. It also lubricates muscles and joints, keeping you limber during intense training.

4. Clear complexion and decelerated aging

Acne is a sign of toxins trying to escape your system. By flushing these toxins through proper hydration you’ll reduce acne and other imperfections on your skin. Water helps improve cell regeneration and collagen production, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Adequate hydration + sunblock are the best anti-aging regimen out there.

5. Better sleep

Dehydration can disrupt the body’s normal rhythms making it difficult to sleep when you know you should. A buildup of toxins in the body due to dehydration can cause exhaustion while making it impossible to actually rest properly. Being adequately hydrated supports the sleep hormone melatonin, which is released in the evenings and will help you sleep through the night.

While water is obviously an excellent way to improve your hydration, there are a few other ways to actively hydrate.

1. Drink Penta Water

It takes around 45 minutes on average to get hydrated after drinking water. Penta water is an exceptional product in that their filtration process changes the water on a molecular level so that its absorbed immediately by your cells. Because it’s ultra pure and scientifically refined before it’s bottled, you feel refreshed and hydrated the moment you drink it. It improves your energy, keeps you going strong through a workout, and hydrates your skin leaving it glowing and vibrant.

2. Eat the right fruits and veg

Certain foods are particularly hydrating on top of being highly nourishing. You can eat them throughout the day to enhance your hydration without getting bored with drinking tons of water. Some of my favorites are grapefruits, apples, watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, celery, and bell peppers. Snack on them raw for maximum nutrient absorption.

3. Drink coconut water

Coconut water (the clear liquid found inside of coconuts) is packed with electrolytes necessary for proper hydration, muscle contraction, and to generate energy in the body. It has high levels of simple carbohydrates, which are critical for fueling muscle glycogen, the primary source of fuel your muscles use for energy production. Coconut water, if you buy the right kind, doesn’t have the added sugars of sports drinks, and if you get it raw it’s been totally unchanged by any processing.

Staying properly hydrated will improve every aspect of your life. It’s important to sip slowly, and also to drink on an empty stomach. This greatly improves your ability to properly absorb and assimilate the liquids, and ensures that you won’t interfere with your digestion as excessive liquids reduce the digestive enzymes’ ability to function optimally. Commit to drinking water first thing in the morning, and carrying a full bottle around with you all day. It will greatly improve your energy, your image, and your mindset.


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