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Why Yoga Heals Everything



A yoga class is basically just one big fat metaphor for life. It’s not only a physical practice, but the act of using breath and movement to tap into your subconscious to rewire the way you process relationships, situations, and emotions.

Holding challenging, physically active positions is a way of hacking your brain and recalibrating the body’s reaction to stress. While the way we respond to challenges is deeply ingrained in us, yoga is the opportunity to examine our natural reactions and actively change them. When we do this on the mat, we raise our consciousness and naturally begin to reexamine other areas of our life.

We all know that negative emotions and stress can make us emotionally and even physically sick. Yoga helps us retrain the way we cope with challenges and provides us with tools to control our emotions and stress levels in a healthy and mindful way.

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2 thoughts on “Why Yoga Heals Everything

  1. Great article! I’m always trying to get guys to value yoga more than they do. It seems there’s some type of stereotype that yoga is strictly for girls, but guys can get soooo much out of yoga too!

    • I totally agree, men oftentimes need yoga more than women! Good for those who can get themselves to commit, it’s the best activity out there 🙂 Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it!

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